Difference Between A Prostitute And An Escort

It is very common for people to think that a prostitute and escort are the same type of people with same professions, however, in reality that is not the case. In some cases, it is considered to be similar, but not same. The reality is that the businesses that comes under both the categories are quite different especially with regards to how each of them earns money. Let’s start by defining each of them. 


A prostitute is one who is approached by clients just to get their sexual fantasies fulfilled. People who work in this area will never be seen advertising themselves openly as it is illegal to perform such activities. Although performing sex in exchange of money is legal however, a lot of cases have been seen quiet commonly where in the name of prostitution, other business activities have even performed as well.  


With opposed to prostitutes, escorts are considered to be professionals which is actually a renowned and recognized profession. It is actually accepted and respected as a business which involves a lot of money for the female escorts in Newcastle as well. Although, it is very common that escorts are used for sexual pleasure but most of the times there are scenarios where people hire them for just a good company do their services especially when they are travelling to places. Another difference between the prostitute and an escort is that an escort is someone who will never be seen on the streets for work.  

Other Services 

Other than providing sex services, escorts are hired to provide a friendly time or companionship or become ears to the problems of clients. A lot of clients are unable to share their personal problems with their families and friends which is why they hire these services in order to let out whatever they have in their heart and mind.  


Some of the escorts are known to provide massage services to clients and in fact, they avoid giving sex services at all. This is another aspect which differs prostitution and escort services from each other. Even though prostitutes offer massage services as well but they are not legal. One of the benefit that escorts have over prostitutes with regards to massage services is that escorts are the ones who are known to define the rules and conditions for the clients, whereas, when it comes to prostitution, they only do what the clients ask for and how they ask for it. In escort massage services, the terms are clearly defined by them to clients about what and how the services will be provided and what not will be offered to the clients.