How To Organize A Raging Stag Do

If this is your first time being best man, don’t panic. We have got you covered. Apart from generally attending to the groom on the big day and handing him the ring at the right time, there’s not much else for a best man to do – except for the stag night. This is the last night of ‘freedom’ that the groom is going to enjoy before he ties the knot, and you are in charge of making it memorable. So how do you make it memorable? There are so many events out there and so many guys have already been to enough that the next one is such a yawn. Here are some tips on how this stag do can become a hit:

Prioritize the Right Person

In many cases, especially when there are lots of attendees and interested parties, too many ideas float around. Sometimes, the bachelor party Sydney ends up being something that the majority voted on, or the loudest and most dominant voice demanded be held. However, the only person whose opinion you need to concern yourself with is the groom. It doesn’t matter how many others want to go to sin city; if the groom doesn’t like that scene, do not organize the stag night there. Make sure that the groom is kept happy. If the others don’t like it, they don’t have to turn up.

Stick to Him

This leads off the first one. It doesn’t matter what you think he needs. Many guys try to get their conservative or shy friend to open up by throwing a huge bucks cruise with tons of half clad women, and pouring booze down his throat. The truth is that you cannot change a person’s mind by influencing him on that one night, so instead of having fun, he will just have a terrible memory of that night. If your friend doesn’t want to do something, don’t force him into it. Instead, ask him what he would like and take him at his work if he mentions something tame. As his best man it’s your obligation to make sure that he has fun. That’s what makes it a rager.

Be Selective

If you get to choose who gets invited for this shindig (and you probably will), then be very selective of who is there. If the groom wants somebody in particular then you will have to accede to that but at other times, make sure the only people there are ones you know personally and have known them for a while. Do not invite the random friend you only bump into once a year – that’s what the wedding is for. This is because things happen at a stag night that can be recorded and later used to nefarious purposes such as blackmail. Even if things don’t go that far, it’s always best to be careful.