How To Perform A Tantric Therapy On Your Loved One

You might be thinking about how you can perform a tantric therapy on your loved one. Most of these therapies can cost you a lot of money. Money which you can spend on more important activities so you are better off doing it on your own. Here is how you can perform a tantric therapy on page:


You must first start off by setting some time aside. The time you do set aside will give you ample time to purchase the items to perform the therapy. You must make sure that to you do work on the body slowly gradually. You must not work on it in a harsh manner. Do try to include a body-to-body massage Wan Chai which will make the experience a unique one.


You must strive to try something different. You must have an open mind when you are working on the procedure. Do try to have some eye to eye contact when you are performing the procedure. Make sure that you do try using different types of oils which will make the process a different one. You can also use some sex tools if you do like.


You must set an ambiance which your loved one will enjoy. This will make the nuru massage more special too. You can even try to include some cushions as well as blankets if you like. Do add some flowers and incense sticks to make the space come to life. If you like you can serve some wine, cheese and fruits. Do not forget to add as many candles as it will the area look romantic. You can also add some relaxing soft music to make the area comfortable to your loved one.


You must also strive to add a cleansing bath to your routine. Make sure that you do add some body milk and bath bombs to the water. If you like you can add some rose petals. You can get into the bath with your loved one or simply massage his head and arms while he is soaking in the water. You can serve some chardonnay and champagne with strawberries if you like too. Remember that the task of working on your partner’s body can be a rather taxing one. You will have to be geared and ready for the process ahead. You will have to watch many videos in order to figure out the best strategy that you can use.